The Will Workshop

Have you been pushing off writing your wills?

Would you like an easy, user-friendly, and cost-efficient way to get this done?

Would you like clear explanations in English from a lawyer who will take you through the entire process patiently?

If so, then

The Will Workshop is for you!

Created by a US-born, Israeli-licensed lawyer, specializing in Wills & Estate Planning

Questions answered about Wills in Israel

Choose the language of your Will (English or Hebrew)

Receive your own fully customized Will

Suitable for couples or individuals (choose workshop that suits you)



Group Meeting (Zoom)
Learn everything you need about how Wills work in Israel, including:

  • How Wills are written and how they can be changed
  • What happens if you have assets outside of Israel?
  • What are mutual Wills (And are they right for you?)

[Between sessions: You will receive a worksheet with questions to answer and information to gather.] 


Private meeting (Zoom/ in person)
We’ll discuss your own personal circumstances, finances, and wishes. I will advise you and help you finalize your choices, including naming a legal guardian for your children and a trustee for their finances.

[Between sessions: You will receive a Will draft to review and corrections will be made until we have a final version you are happy with.]


Signing  your will in front of two witnesses:
You will receive step-by-step guidance on how to properly sign your Will in order to make it legally valid. You’ll also receive advice and various options for where and how to safekeep your Will.

[After this session: Your Will is complete and valid! Choose how and where you want to safely store your Wills, and then go ahead and cross “Writing a Will” off your to-do list!]

Want to meet me before committing to the workshop?
Schedule a free 20-minute Zoom session here


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