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Unexpected events occur, whether we are prepared for them or not. For that reason, we need to try our best to be ready for whatever life might throw at us. While we hope that life will treat us kindly, we still need to consider how we and our loved ones will handle difficult times that may lie ahead. A death or an illness in the family is hard to handle emotionally and mentally. This is true both when the tragedy is sudden as well as when we knew it was coming. The task of caring for an incapacitated parent or spouse can be daunting and stressful. The same is true for the process of distributing your loved one’s estate. The smoother the process is – and the less bureaucracy involved – the better.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor, and get your paperwork in order ahead of time.
On your own time. On your terms. At your own pace. Stress-free.

What do I need to prepare?
What you need to prepare depends on your own familial circumstances and personal wishes.Being prepared for your future from a legal perspective may include a combination of the following arrangements:
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I am pleased to recommend Miriam Shatsky’s professional legal services to potential clients seeking to navigate the Israeli legal system in their will preparation. Miriam’s friendly demeanor readily gained my trust as she patiently listened to my delicate situation. Her legal expertise and knowledge were demonstrated as she explained Israeli inheritance law, the importance of having a will in Israel, and the Israeli banking survivorship probate process in a clear and easily understandable way. Miriam Shatsky’s legal guidance and attentiveness not only met but exceeded my expectations.


Miriam has been our legal counsel for many years. As she is a native speaker of English, we trust her as our lawyer for correct translations. On one specific occasion, we needed assistance filing documents concerning the Ministry of Health. Miriam translated the content line-by-line and then explained each item to us in layperson’s terms.
She is professional, has an eye for detail, and listens carefully to the needs of her clients.

Max G.

A few months ago I figured it was time to take care of a will. I knew Miriam from the community, but I didn’t know her professionally. I was quite nervous about the whole idea of a will. Miriam walked me through each step with amazing patience and I knew I had come to the right person. I know we had more meetings than average. I know I didn’t always understand things after the first explanation. So she explained it again. And not once did I feel that I was being a pain. The whole experience was simply very positive. I very much recommend Miriam Shatsky. Totally professional and a great demeanor.

Karnei Shomron

Miriam was professional and thorough, patient and accommodating throughout our indecisiveness, and overall a pleasure to work with. We’ve used her twice and highly recommend her!

Givat Shmuel
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Like so many other types of service, when it comes to legal services, it is so important to feel that you are in capable hands and that you can trust the advice being dispensed. 

You want to know that the person you hired to handle these sensitive issues has both the professional background and the personal qualities to instill confidence in you. 

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